Pink Flora Spiritual Bath

Spoil yourself with this skin smoothening, body soothing spiritual bath. A combo of Dead, Pink Himalayan, & Black Lava salt to help you self-indulge into relaxation, tossed in jojoba oil & coconut milk to enhance hydration.

Hibiscus powder & rose clay added to give your skin a silky texture with Lavender & grapefruit essential oils to aid you into ease. Witch hazel, known for its amazing antiseptic properties, also can be used to shy away unwanted energy, mend broken hearts, & to reveal TRUTH. 


*This spiritual bath also comes with a Rose Quartz stone


P.S. This pouch is 100% compostable 

Pink Flora Spiritual Bath

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  • Feminine Energy, Dead Sea salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Charcoal activated Black Lava Sea Salt, Lavender buds, Jojoba oil, Rose clay, Rose petals, Hibiscus powder, Witch Hazel dust, Vegan Coconut Powder, Calendula flowers,Chamomile Dust, Orange Peel dust, Lavender Essential oil, Grapefruit Essential oil, 1 rose quartz stone