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A concept of The Laws of Attraction, Manifestation is something that is put into your physical reality through thoughts, feelings, beliefs, spells, & affirmations alongside mindfulness & intention. Anyone & everyone can manifest thoughts into results as long as execution is delivered as well as believing. This glossary contains all the elements used in our products that have a metaphysical or spiritual gift attached to them.

Use this glossary as a refence or for entertainment. The purpose for this index is for knowledge & history of such botanicals as well as how to use such on a day to day basis or for metaphysical purposes. There is no wrong or right way to “manifest”, as long as you remain true to yourself. 

How To Manifest

To start, take a look at what you want to manifest, know exactly what you want. Then observe your feelings & thoughts. Once identified, rid of all unwanted energy that can drain or block your blessings including thoughts & people. Next, visualize what you want to bring to life, pouring all good vibes & concentration into your mind, this amplifies your signal to the universe. All that is left is action & gifts may slowly but surely come your way. 

Why intentional skincare? Because we believe that Positive (+) intention enhances the molecular structure of the ingredients within the products to increase their absorption & benefits. Aiming ro improve your overall mood, which ultimately effects how healthy your skin looks.

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